We warmly welcome you to the Sofia Restaurant.

Let us introduce to you our cozy and distinctive establishment. Our restaurant is located inside Sofia Boutique Hotel and it is run successfully and independently by our well trained chefs and their staffs. These staffs work with a great passion for both food and drink, and take great pleasure in providing you with an excellent service. We pride ourselves on having a friendly and relaxing atmosphere, reasonable prices, flexible payment methods and 5 stars service to ensure that you have the best experience during your stay in Da Nang.

Our menu is designed to include a wide variety of both authentic Vietnames cuisine and popular Western dishes for you to enjoy. So you can either try something new or feast on the comforts of home. Thank you for choosing to dine at Sofia Restaurant and we do hope you enjoy your meal here with us.

  • 1. Vegetable Soup / Soup Rau 2. Greek Salad / Salad Hy Lạp 3. Grilled Salmon with Passion Fruit Sauce / Cá hồi nướng với sốt chanh dây 4. Mashed Potato and Steam Vegetable / Khoai tây nghiền và rau trần 5. Sweet Cake / Bánh ngọt

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  • 1. Cream of Tomato Soup / Súp cà chua kem 2. Tuna salad with Olive Sauce / Salad cá ngừ với dầu dấm oliu 3. Grill Australian Beef with Pepper Sauce / Bò Úc nướng sốt tiêu 4. French Fries and Steamed Vegetables / Khoai tây chiên và rau trần 5. Fruit / Trái cây

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  • 1. Chicken & Mushroom Soup / Súp gà kem nấm 2. Salmon Salad / Salad cá hồi 3. Grilled Rack of Lamb / Sườn cừu nướng lá thơm 4. Mashed Potato and Steamed Vegetables/ Khoai tây nghiền và rau trần 5. Ice Cream/ Kem

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Our restaurant is located right inside the Sofia Boutique hotel on the second floor but it has been independently run successfully with our well-trained chefs and working team to Commit giving you a good experience of food during your time in Danang city.

Our menu is simply designed with a good mix of Authentic Vietnamese Cuisines and the most Popular Western Choices to serve you with a very reasonable price and very flexible payment methods. Enjoy your meal!

Address: Slot I-11 Pham Van Dong, Da Nang City, Vietnam Phone: +842363941669 / +842363941667